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Story Telling through a Photograph

Story Telling through photographs is a combination of the vision, location & lighting, equipment & edits, and the confidence of the person behind the camera to see themselves as being or becoming an artist. It's not just having a fancy camera or taking a few classes. It's the whole picture.

If you compare a Story Telling Photograph to music, I like to think of it as a complete piece with an entire ensemble of instruments. Not just the clean sounds of an acoustic guitar or what feels like an unorganized jazz band improvising. Rather, it's a collaboration of all the pieces playing together and creating a cohesive and orchestrated sound that pleases the ears of the majority and leaves you walking away with chills. 

A Story Telling Photograph for me, isn't just the crisp clean black and whites or the abstract colors and lines of inanimate objects.. it's the WHOLE story. Yes, often - less is more... but when you are telling a story, it's the details that matter. It's the WHOLE picture. 

My goal is to leave the viewer with a feeling of familiarity, relevance, warmth.. something... a FEELING... if nothing else. 

As I grow in this journey I gain more confidence, continue to build my creative muscles, and get so excited to finally be able to start telling my story through my photographs.

I thought I'd share a little before and after with you all to see just how my vision was completed. I hope you enjoy. 

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Ellory Grace Photography
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