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A Glimmer of Hope

With all that is going on in this world, these moments remind me that there is still hope, love, and innocence encapsulated in tiny hands and little hearts. That even though my little nugget here loves football, cars, and gym shorts, he is still curious, precious, and vulnerable. That even though he radiates all things defined as masculine he still has a gentle heart, kind soul, and wishful thoughts. He is afterall, just a little boy. It is my job to teach him to continue to be gentle, kind, thoughtful, and trustworthy. He, like his peers, has our future in his hands. Articulating the fear I have for the world he is growing up in, isn't really something I excel in. So instead I will just continue to capture who he is today and everyday. One moment at a time. Hoping that as he grows and looks back on these times he is reminded of his foundations and the love he has grown from and into. <3

Hope, Love, Sparks, Boys

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