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Becoming a Mom

Some women dream of becoming mothers, others never dared to imagine it. An overwhelming number of women struggle to conceive, while many don't even plan for it. Some moms expect a pink or blue and other moms are surprised when they get two! Many of us have our own stories and we seldom tend to forget. However this journey has happened upon us, we all fight the good fight. We feel joy when they feel joy, pain when they feel pain. We give up nights with friends for nights of playing pretend. We talk about boogers and farts, sing songs of abc's and 123's. We worry about bumps and bruises instead of vacations and cruises. We save money for college instead of buying the next great handbag. We worry about bullies and confidence, drugs and alcohol. We look forward to birthday parties, holidays, and the next generation. We teach them, they teach us, we love them and they love us. Life changes 100% and that's ok because being a mom is the best gift a mom can get :)

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