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A Spark of Love

I've been capturing these two beautiful little ladies since I started my adventure behind the lens. I've had the luxury of seeing them crawl and then start to walk. I've heard them babble and then start to talk. I've seen them grow individually and together. I've watched the magic cast from their eyes. When you are around them, everything is exciting and life is an abundance of laughter, joy, and love.

I've honestly never met a more down to earth family. Mom is so easy to be around, she is calm, laid back, thoughtful, and loving. Dad isn't much different. He loves making the girls laugh and being their hero. These girls are so fortunate to have been born into the family they were, just as much as mom and dad are blessed to have them.

Little A and R lost their grandmother far too early in their lives. She passed away unexpectedly before the girls were even 1. And yet, beautifully, they seem to find a way to let us know when they feel her presence or when they are thinking of her. It's honestly one of the most beautiful experiences I've been a part of.

It's obvious where the love comes from and where it goes to in this family and that is each other. I am so fortunate to call them my friends.

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