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Who am I?


My name is Jillian and I live in the beautiful city of Newburyport, MA. I am many things to many people but my favorite positions are as follows: I'm a mom to an 8 year old and a 18 year old, a wife, a daughter, and a photographer. I also hold a full time job as an Enablement Manager for a Salesforce Consulting shop in New England.

I love most things, but there are definitely the things I don't love, like folding laundry and cooking dinner. I mean, who loves to cook?! haha .. I know there are plenty of you out there! I could pass on boogers and Cardi B songs but when you have two kids a decade apart, you have to choose your battles wisely. 

So, what do I love?

1. Light. Natural and Artifical. yep, that's right. I said artificial. I'm embracing it haha. For natural, I love the warmth the sun provides on even the coldest days. How it can cast the most spell binding rays through the thickest of forests. As a child, I used to love laying on the floor with my cat and listening to her purr. while the sun would shine on us. I can still picture in my mind how it would shine against her black and brown fur, making it sparkle and feel warm.I love how inviting the sun is and how welcoming it's sister moon can be on the darkest of nights. When it comes to artifical, well.. I'm still learning what it is I love about it. HAHA!

2. Music. Music is my everything. I can't even begin to describe the power that music has over me. I love it ALL. well, again, except for Cardi B. HAHA... I need music in my life, and even as a photographer, if I HAD to pick to lose my sight or hearing, I'm sorry to say, I think my sight would have it. I would not be who I am today if it were not for the music in my life. 

3. Colors, I love them all! And yet, conversely, I love neutrals and whites. It's SO hard for me to pick! 

4. Making people happy. I'm a people pleaser, it's true. 

5. Honesty and Authenticity. I believe in integrity and being genuine, as well as surrounding myself with others that hold these same values. 


Ok, that's enough. So what lead me here? I've always been obsessed with images. Images of EVERYTHING. As a teen I was definitely the girl who would cut out magazine ads of lip glosses, starbursts, and lollipops, taping them to my wall, dreaming that someday I'd be the one creating those ads. I had notebooks of images of African villages, Native American inspired tributes,etc. In highschool I took a few classes developing film and realized even more just how much I loved producing images that could captivate an audience, large or small. I would buy photography magazines just to look at the images and study the emotions and depth, be it of our fellow hoomans (as my 8 year old used to call them) or the bottom of the ocean. 

Somewhere along the lines I neglected my dreams, abandoned all creativity, and succumbed to a world of corporate America. Fast forward a decade or two, in 2013, I welcomed my now 8 year old into the world and was overcome with inspiration to be the best version of me I could possibly be. It felt like I was given a new lease on life. I took the time to explore the things I hadn't in a really long time and rediscovered my love for capturing timeless, magical, classic, images. 


I have been studying digital photography for several years now. Through workshops, online tutorials, determination, classes, peer support and feedback, I've been able to build a portfolio I am proud of and one that allows me to continue to grow and reflect.


I am beyond excited to continue to explore my new reality and so happy you've decided to join me for the adventure.   

Ellory Grace Photography
Newburyport MA
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