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Now, this child, she didn't have much to say with her words but those eyes spoke volumes. This is a girl who is going to conquer the world. She is going to walk with her head held high, she'll know how to say No without apology and she'll set boundaries and be limitless at the same time.

I could have photographed this young lady all night. Except ...

BUGS! Green heads !! mean nasty greenheads ... if you don't know what they are, look them up, you'll want to close your browser immediately. Mom and daughter were SUCH troopers while these nasty bugs were swarming us.

Plum Island is famous for green heads, I had taken a quick ride a few nights before and not a bug was in site so I was pretty excited that we'd have a bug free night. Polar opposite. But they toughed it out and I'm so glad they did. I hope they were too.

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